Back to Basics 400 W Smoothie Blender

3.1 by user reviews

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  • Perfect for crushing ice
  • 48 ounce jar capacity is not suitable for smaller batches
  • Low-powered blenders can't break down very solid ingredients
Product Description

Make a smoothie for breakfast and make mornings easy using the Back to Basics Smoothie Blender. This smoothie blender allows you to achieve the perfect consistency you're looking for. Featuring a pulse button, this smoothie blender can create a finer texture that is simpler to combine with your other ingredients. It is perfect for crushing ice and blending fruit.

Product Information
Brand Back to Basics
Product Type Smoothie blender
Ideal Use Ice crusher, fruit
Jar Capacity 48 ounces
Pulse Feature Yes
Motor 400 W
Weight 4.8 lb