Big Boss Purple 600 W Blender

4.0 by user reviews

An image of Big Boss Purple 600 W Blender | Trusted Blenders
  • Multi-purpose design allows you to blend a variety of food with one tool
  • Features a purple base, brightening up your kitchen decor by adding a unique pop of color
  • Ideal for making sauces
  • Comes in purple, making it harder to match your other appliances
  • Low-powered blenders can't liquefy very solid ingredients
Product Description

Give the Big Boss Purple Blender a whirl and experience delicious and fresh flavors every day. This blender is multi-purpose, allowing you to perform multiple functions with one appliance. It is great for making sauces and making smoothies. Featuring a purple base, it makes an excellent choice for adding a vibrant splash of color to your kitchen counter.

Product Information
Brand Big Boss
Ideal Use Sauces, smoothies, juices
Color Purple
Set Size 15-piece
Convenience Features Multi-purpose
Included Accessories Recipe book
Motor 600 W