Blendtec C825C11Q-B1GB1D Black 1825 W Blender

3.6 by user reviews

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  • Designed with a wingtip blade, pulling the contents in your blender down and through the blade, removing air pockets
  • Pulse feature avoids over-processing by giving you more control
  • Easy to use design will encourage you to try out new recipes more often
  • High-powered blenders ordinarily make more noise
Product Description

Give the Blendtec Black Blender a whirl and experience tasty and nutritious flavors every day. This blender features a smart touch display, which enables walk-away blending and also does not conceal mold or bacteria like old-fashioned knobs and dials. Designed with a wingtip blade, it improves efficiency and creates perfectly smooth recipes. Featuring a soundproof design, it lets you blend anytime of the day without disturbing anyone. It is easy to use for a hassle-free blending experience. This blender is excellent for blending fruit and making sauces. With a pulse function, it can quickly process ingredients before blending. Made from BPA-free materials, it is much safer for both yourself and the environment by eliminating the potential of harmful toxins. It is black, making it versatile enough to match well with your kitchen style. This blender measures 9.4 x 9.4 x 18.5 inches and comes with a 3-quart jar.

Product Information
Brand Blendtec
Model Number C825C11Q-B1GB1D
Ideal Use Fruit, sauces
Color Black
Blade Design Wingtip blade
Jar Capacity 3 quarts
Convenience Features Easy to use, soundproof design
Pulse Feature Yes
Safety Features BPA-free
Display Type Smart touch, LCD, touchscreen
Dimensions 9.4 x 9.4 x 18.5 inches
Motor 1825 W
Horsepower 3.8-peak hp
Electrical Rating 120
Weight 16 lb
Warranty 30-day warranty