Delightyourlife K12-017 Black 9-Speed 1500 W Professional Blender

3.5 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel blade will stay sharp enough to constantly blend food
  • Features an easy to clean design, making it more hassle-free to use
  • BPA-free, eliminating the risk of health concerns
  • High-powered blenders usually make more noise
Product Description

Enhance your cooking with the Delightyourlife Black 9-Speed Professional Blender. This professional blender reduces overall blending time since you can mix a large quantity at once. Its jar is easy to clean, making the cleanup of a quick recipe simple. This professional blender features a serrated blades, crushing ice and ideal for cutting through foods with a hard exterior but soft interior. It has an LCD touch display, allowing you to see the screen more clearly, especially in brighter areas. The blade has a stainless steel, remaining sharp enough to continuously blend food. This black professional blender will be versatile enough to match with your current kitchen style. Featuring a BPA-free design, this blender eliminates the risk of harmful chemicals, making it safer especially when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. It is suitable for making purees and making sauces.

Product Information
Brand Delightyourlife
Model Number K12-017
Product Type Professional blender
Ideal Use Puree, sauces, smoothies
Color Black
Blade Design Serrated blades
Blade Material Stainless steel
Cleaning Features Easy to clean
Safety Features BPA-free
Display Type LCD touch, LCD
Included Accessories Instruction manual, tamper
Dimensions 24.4 x 9.1 x 7.3 inches
Motor 1500 W
Speeds 9 speeds
Electrical Rating 120
Weight 11 lb
Warranty 12-month replacement warranty