NutriBullet N12S-0901 Black 1200 W Personal Blender

3.8 by user reviews

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  • Extractor blade releases the most nutrition from your fruits and vegetables as possible
  • Features an easy to clean design, making it more hassle-free to use
  • Easy to use design for effortless blending
  • High-powered blenders are generally louder than low-powered appliances
  • 32 ounce jar capacity is not convenient for party size blends
  • Extractor blade needs to be switched every 6 months usually
Product Description

Improve your mornings by using the NutriBullet Black Personal Blender to make the perfect on-the-go breakfast. This personal blender works perfectly for single-serve quantities. Its jar is easy to clean, encouraging you to try out new recipes without dreading the aftermath. Featuring an extractor blade, this blender unlocks the nutrition inside fruits and vegetables by pulverizing and emulsifying them. It features an easy to use design, saving you time and energy, especially on busy mornings. This personal blender has Bluetooth Smart Technology, communicating with your smart phone. It is excellent for making smoothies and making soups. This black personal blender will pair well with any kitchen style. This personal blender measures 15.8 x 7.4 x 14.4 inches and comes with a 32-ounce jar.

Product Information
Brand NutriBullet
Model Number N12S-0901
Product Type Personal blender
Ideal Use Smoothies, soup, fruit
Color Black
Blade Design Extractor blade
Jar Capacity 32 ounces
Base Material Stainless steel
Cleaning Features Easy to clean
Convenience Features Easy to use
Technology Features Bluetooth Smart Technology
Dimensions 15.8 x 7.4 x 14.4 inches
Motor 1200 W
Weight 9.77 lb
Warranty 1-year warranty