Robot Coupe BLIXER 6V Stainless Steel Variable Speed Dial Blender

3.9 by user reviews

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  • Designed with an S-blade, making it ideal for blending ingredients for frozen drinks
  • Stainless steel blade remains sharp and can continuously blend food with ease
  • Features dishwasher safe materials for a safe, sanitary cleaning process
  • Includes a stainless steel jar, lacking transparency so it is difficult to reach the proper consistency
  • Variable speed dial settings are lacking many preset choices
Product Description

Get creative in the kitchen with the Robot Coupe Stainless Steel Variable Speed Dial Blender. Designed with a leak-resistant cover, this blender won't spill, leaving you with less mess on your counter. It has a heat-resistant design, so you don't have to wait for hot food items to cool down before blending. With a shock-resistant construction, it will reduce the possibility of breakage from being dropped. Designed with an S-blade, it blends ingredients easily, even ice and other frozen foods. This blender has a stainless steel jar for more durability than either plastic or glass. It is dishwasher safe, reducing cleanup time which is great when you're having a busy morning. Made with stainless steel, the blade remains sharp enough to constantly blend ingredients. This stainless steel blender will update up your kitchen while ensuring that it maintains its monochromatic design. Featuring a pulse function, this blender can make a finer texture that is simpler to combine with your other ingredients. It is excellent for making purees and making sauces.

Product Information
Brand Robot Coupe
Model Number BLIXER 6V
Ideal Use Puree, sauces
Color Stainless steel
Blade Design S-blade
Blade Material Stainless steel
Jar stainless steel
Base Material Stainless steel
Cleaning Features Dishwasher safe
Durability Features Leak-resistant cover, heat-resistant, shock-resistant
Pulse Feature Yes
Dimensions 20 x 28 x 13 inches
Speeds Variable speed dial
Rotating Speed 3450 RPM
Horsepower 3 hp
Electrical Rating 208
Weight 89 lb
Warranty 30-day warranty